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Trade options like a Wall Street insider in 45 days or less!

The undeniable truth about investing

95% of people lose money investing and never become part of the 5% of people who continuously make money and secure their financial future, no matter what direction the stock market is headed.


Until you realize, acknowledge, and overcome a million years of mental preprogramming, you will never achieve the investing results you've wished for all your life. 


Continuing to think like your caveman ancestors only gives you a false sense of safety, while what you really need is the confidence that comes from understanding what really moves the markets.


Up until now you have only had 2 choices:

  • You can continue getting your investment advice from financial news shows, internet articles, red-light/green light trading systems and newsletters...

  • or,

  • You can take classes offered by your online broker or local trading school.

There are BIG problems with both of these choices.​

For one thing, getting the exact same information as the rest of the world and then doing what every other investor is doing while expecting superior results isn't the secret to success, but the

6-lane highway to running out of money in retirement and having to move in with your children.


The financial news shows, internet articles, red light/green light trading systems and newsletters are all convincing investors that there's nothing to know about the companies themselves, thus leading you to equate investing to gambling.


This couldn't be further from the truth.


Not to mention that your online broker and local trading school teach classes with hidden agendas.


Whether you want to believe it or not, most online brokers and local trading schools teach classes based on repeating short-term trades.


These self-serving tactics end up costing traders thousands of dollars in unnecessary commissions, making the broker rich and you broker.


Plus, there simply aren't enough rags to riches results to justify the program’s credibility.


Where are all the wealthy investors driving around in their Bentley because of these classes?


These guys are more interested in pumping out students like they're products on an assembly line rather than actually showing you how to boost your income so you can afford all the things that make life more fun and easier to live. 

Unfortunately, I know about these challenges all too well! ​

  • I bought all those expensive products and watched the financial news shows religiously.

    I still lost about 50% of the value in my investment accounts in bear markets that I never saw coming. I still lost out on making hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of gains in bull markets I never saw coming.


    That was the moment I made a promise to my family and myself I would figure out how the stock market really works.

  • I had to realize and overcome a million years of mental preprogramming

    I was preprogrammed to do what everyone else was doing for safety and security which instinctually made me a horrible investor in the present day.

  • I had to start thinking for myself

    I had to learn everything about a few great companies and track the underlying emotional momentum of the  investing mob instead of being a member of the mob, so I knew the high-odds times to buy and sell. 


    A few gentlemen with boots on the ground New York Stock Exchange experience mentored me on how millionaires and billionaires invest their money. 


    Together with my own research, I created a formula that finally returned consistent results that made me money.

  • I created my step-by-step, click-by-click options trading course where I put my students first as they reproduce consistent results with my formula.

    Opposed to all those other people calling themselves "money managers" or "advisors", I have a legal or fiduciary responsibility to put my clients, students and everyone I do business with first as I look out for their best interest.


    The sad truth is: The primary responsibility of those "advisors" and teachers is to themselves and their company, not to you as a client.

  • I'm just stating the facts and being blatantly honest here…

    After getting consistent and repeatable results from my investing formula, I started my Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Crocker Capital.


    I had been taken advantage of for so long and I was tired of watching so many people get hurt by sleazy salesmen who didn't give a damn about their customers, that I knew I had to share what I learned with the world and provide everyone a safe place where your success is my priority.


    That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the online Options trading solution I created that’s simple, straightforward, efficient, & more effective than what's being taught by online brokers or your typical trading class!

Introducing My

Ultimate Options Formula​

This incredibly detailed Options trading formula helps you

trade options like a Wall Street insider in 45 days or less.

You will finally see my step-by-step decision-making process of how Wall Street insiders and top money managers select their trades and determine exactly when to buy and sell.


I hold your hand and completely support you as I walk you through my step-by-step process via recorded trading sessions and online classes where all your questions are answered.

What's Inside U.O.F.

Inside the Ultimate Options Formula, you’ll get:

  • All previous recordings and lifetime access to new live classes

  • Bonus videos, checklists, and worksheets with additional Options trading insight

  • 6-live, online group coaching sessions to see how to research, strategize and make your Options trades.

  • 40+ videos of click-by-click options trades to reinforce the classroom material and provide firsthand learning through trade replication in your practice account.

  • $2,218 worth of otherwise paid stock research for FREE and more than 11 of my favorite FREE economic and charting sources.

  • Lifetime access to the Ultimate Options Formula support group to help you with company research, trade timing identification and options strategies.

  • A VIP 1-hour one-on-one personal session with John Crocker himself.

  • Lifetime Ultimate Options Formula membership allows you to take the U.O.F. class as many times as you like at no additional cost.

  • A unique eLearning experience with mobile functionality to take the class from anywhere in the world

As of today, you can leverage the blood, sweat, and tears I spent getting results while solidifying my personal investing career & financial future in this easy to follow online program.​

Escape from being part of the 95% of investors who follow the crowd, lose money investing, and join the 5% of investors who continuously make money and secure their financial future.

  • Finally know you're the priority instead of the victim.

  • Feel more confident while taking the course and in your options trading career.

  • Comfortably ask all the questions you want from anywhere in the world.

  • Never feel left behind again with lifetime U.O.F. access.​

  • Build your confidence with step-by-step practice trades you can't screw up.​

  • Never feel alone again with lifetime access to the U.O.F. support group.​

  • Trade options FEAR FREE knowing you've got the support you really want from home.

Total confidence is the key when it comes to trading Options! It's so important that I created an entire support system to help you gain your confidence.

Whether you're bored at home and watching Wolf of Wall Street or on a vacation with your family, I want you to get your questions answered. 


Investing with total confidence is the superpower I want to help you amplify, so there's always a quick solution for you to get the support you need.


Either through email, our private Facebook group or even request a call with me personally. The U.O.F. online program has everything you're looking for to help you invest with confidence.


Those are just some of the reasons you’ll find that an investment in Ultimate Options Formula pays for itself many times over!


Plus, that investment will benefit you no matter your current level of stock and option trading experience. The Ultimate Options Formula trading course works for both "newbies" and sophisticated investors alike.


Maybe you’re brand new to investing and getting your feet wet or you’re taking your investing career to the next level, the Ultimate Options Formula is designed with your experience and success in mind.


Even better, the Ultimate Options Formula is easy to follow and it's backed with my years of time-tested Options trading success.


U.O.F. allows you to...

  • Find the best companies ready to skyrocket
  • Know exactly when to buy and sell for big gains
  • Amplify your investing confidence

all in about an hour a week!


Never feel left behind again!

See all the cool tricks of the trade!

Never lose connection with my inner circle!

Continue building confidence even after class is over!

Stress disappears with lifetime access to the U.O.F. support group!

Get a professional investor and mentor who is committed to your long-term success!



At the end of my 6-week program you will have one of the most powerful money-making mindsets that's used daily by myself and all Wall Street insiders.


Many of my students who previously feared opening up their brokerage account statements now tell me that they have the confidence and the knowledge to manage their own accounts.


"Unstoppable" is an understatement.


That’s it! It's really is that simple!

“How much does Ultimate Options Formula cost?”​

Well, the regular price of Ultimate Options Formula is $15,000 but because you're passionate and ready to commit today to your Options trading career, you’re going to get an amazing deal you won’t find anywhere else.


Instead of paying $15,000 for total access to the Ultimate Options Formula, when you unlock my course from this special page, you'll get the Ultimate Options Formula for just $1,997.


There’s no monthly fees, no recurring payments, no hidden pricing, no restrictions, and no catches.


But you have to act now…this low price won’t last forever.


Invest in yourself today! Click the button below and once you're registered, you'll have immediate access to my Ultimate Options Formula and can start developing that unstoppable confidence in as little as two clicks!

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You’re ready to develop an unstoppable Money Mindset and trade options like a Wall Street Insider in 45 days or less. 


Get my Ultimate Options Formula right now.


This may be the best investment you'll ever make.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. I offer a no-questions-asked, 100% money back, 30 day guarantee. I'm so confident you'll love the Ultimate Options Formula that if you don't have way more investing confidence in 30 days, I'll happily give you a 100% refund.

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